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Creating the Perfect Playlist

Building a great playlist is an art form -- just ask any DJ. How can you mix it up with pros? Follow these tips from Mathew Honan of

Build a Mood. Think like a DJ and decide the mood you want to convey and the audience it will be for. Then search your library for tracks that fit your criteria.

Tag Your Tracks with mood information (such as upbeat, relaxing, romantic, etc.). You can create a custom metadata field, or use the Genre field to help sort things out.

Keep the Beat. DJs often alter a track's tempo at the beginning or end so that tracks flow seamlessly together. An easier way is to simply use songs with a similar number of beats per minute. has info on more than 20,000 songs.

Use Playlist Builders. You can also cheat and use programs that create smart playlists for you, like MyStrands or The Filter.

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