Digital Makeover TV

This show is dedicated to helping average folks spice up their digital lives.

Whether it is technophobia or the belief that it will take too much time, few of us are really making the most of what digital media tools and software have to offer. We think this is a tragedy so we sent two of our best evangelists* out to fix the world's digital dilemmas one at a time (or until the gas money runs out).

*truth - they were the only two available

Wedding Day Crunch

Michael and his fiancée Monika wish to put together a multimedia show that chronicles their lives. They plan to play it for guests during their wedding reception. With only two weeks to go before the big day, watch to see if hosts Zoey and Chris can help Michael and Monika turn their shoeboxes of photos into an engaging walk down memory lane.

A Walk in the Park

Zoey and Chris spend the day ambushing encouraging people to liberate the photos on their cameras. They then show how easy it is to turn those static photos into an engaging multimedia story worthy of sharing with friends and family.

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Zoey is our resident photo diva. Adept at all things related to digital cameras (like striking a pose when one appears), online photo services, editing applications and, perhaps most importantly, helping people discover how to use digital photos to reinforce their connections with friends and family.



Chris is our video guru. Chris can help you spice up your home movies, create a video tribute for a special occasion, or show you how to share your vacation video with friends and family online. A little out of left field, Chris attempts to make digital media a little more fun and approachable.