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Export Audio to Portable Players

Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One of Creator 9’s most popular features is the Music Disc Creator, which helps you import audio from most any source, then lets you make pro-style mix discs. The integrated sound editor trims audio tracks, adds fades, and removes clicks and noise from analog recordings (such as from LPs, tapes or microphones). You can even extract audio from DVDs.

Once you’ve prepared your perfect mix, it’s no surprise that Creator lets you burn it to CD or DVD. But did you know you can also use Creator to export tracks directly to your portable player, such as an iPod or PSP? You can even convert them to your preferred portable audio format before sending. Creator can export to any Windows Media Device Manager-compliant player, or any device that appears as a drive letter on your computer.

Here’s how: After organizing your mix in Music Disc Creator, select the tracks you want to send to your player. Right-click, and choose "Send to Portable Device." (Make sure your player is attached to your computer. For iPods, iTunes must be installed.) Check the box labeled "Convert to preferred audio format before sending" if desired. Select the format from the drop-down list. Then click Send. That’s all there is to it!